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The founders of Worldwide Xchanges Vacation Club have operated specifically within the Vacation Ownership industry for over 13 years. Over those years we’ve watched what others were doing and while they were providing good benefits, we believed that we could build something that was even better.

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In putting the world on vacation.

We find joy in the journey. If you can dream it, we can deliver it.


In finding your perfect place.

Worldwide Xchanges Vacation Club as a distributor for an RCI Affiliate are able to assist our members with endless opportunity. Members receive an RCI Subscribing Membership that enables them to choose from over 4500 Resorts in over 100 countries.


In hospitality with heart.

We pride ourselves in helping make every trip a perfect vacation experience. In addition Worldwide Xcahnges Vacation Club is more than just travel. Wait until you see our exclusive portal with shopping discounts and more from designer brands. 

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